Central Dallas Community Development Corporation (Central Dallas CDC) was formed in 2001 as the affordable housing arm of Central Dallas Ministries. Central Dallas CDC is a nonprofit, housing developer. Central Dallas CDC’s goal is to bring beautiful, sustainable design to housing for people at any income level. We believe that affordable housing and housing for the homeless are assets to our community.

For too long, people have been shown that affordable housing is cheap and ugly. It is not surprising that nobody wants it in their neighborhood. It is also not surprising that residents do not take pride in where they live and properties decline as a result. By making this housing a community asset we can change the lives of the people living there and the attitudes and expectations of the community at large.

Good design is good value. Sustainable design is economic over the long term. As a nonprofit real estate development company, Central Dallas CDC builds to own for the long term. This is quite a different intention than many real estate companies that are interested in making a short term profit.

When people are treated with dignity and respect, they honor that attitude. Our intervention respects person and respects place. The perception of affordable housing will change when people can see that affordable housing can also be beautiful housing.

511 North Akard Street, Suite 301
Dallas, Texas 75201-6601
(214) 573-2570
(214) 573-2575- fax

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